[wp-hackers] GSoC 2009 Proposal: Wordpress CMS

Phil Hart radial at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 18 13:34:12 GMT 2009

Good suggestion

I am trying to market wordpress to new web clients of mine as a CMS
solution.  However, EVERYTIME I show wordpress.org .com etc to them so they
can learn about it, the FIRST thing they say is they do not want wordpress
as they do not want a blog.

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Il giorno 18/mar/09, alle ore 13:47, Ozh ha scritto:

> If I was the head honcho here, I would reply back with a low kick,
> Chuck Norris style, yelling that WordPress *IS* a darn bloody CMS.

except a little thing: quite every theme around here is built with  
blogs in mind.
would be nice if WordPress ships a future release with another built- 
in theme, less blog and more CMS-y
time to have a new kubrik perhaps? :-)

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