[wp-hackers] Static front page with pagination using wp_link_pages?

Jess Planck jess at funroe.net
Wed Mar 11 20:59:28 GMT 2009

If you have set a WordPress site to use a static front page and you  
paginate that page with nextpage the pagination will break.

I've worked with wp_link_pages, but since it uses get_permalink which  
uses get_page_link it will always return the home location. Which is  
correct, but it slaps the pagination on the end of the home link as http://mysite.com/2 
, etc. Those links are of course 404.

  I was looking to see if I could get the wp_link_pages function to  
properly use something like http://mysite.com/page-slug/2 for the  
paginated pages after page 1. I thought you could override using  
more_file, but that's not correct.

Anyone else banged their head on this one with out doing a custom  
wp_link_pages function? I didn't find this mentioned anywhere out  
there ->.


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