[wp-hackers] Security: username as class in commenst

g30rg3_x g30rg3x at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 14:54:20 GMT 2009

Hi Frank,

It actually does not show the login-name/user_login it uses the
user_nicename for populating the class.. this value is just a filtered
version of the login-name/user_login.

This value can separately be changed (directly from DB or well you can
code yourself a plugin for diy) so you can still hide that information
from the public and of course you will solve the /author/<login>
disclosure permalink structure which scribu says.

There are some more trick to avoid disclosing the user_login but as
other people say security through obscurity it's not security but at
least it will delay those moth********... oohh well you get my point


2009/3/10 Frank Bueltge <frank at bueltge.de>:
> thanks for your answers.
> Yes i know over the old diskuss to this themes.
> I think at ir also the same problem and we write us a plguin for rewrite
> this username to md5-code.
> Th login-name is often a secret, a personal syntax ov users and she will not
> publish this.
> Thanks for read my bad english
> Frank
> http://bueltge.de/
> http://wpengineer.com/
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