[wp-hackers] Inclusion of TimThumb -- anyone game?

zamoose at gmail.com zamoose at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 18:36:42 GMT 2009

I've noticed a lot of "premium" themes (most recent being the Ma.tt-linked  
Smashing Magazeen) are starting to include TimThumb along with their  
themes. Easy thumbnail generation, allows for a lot of flexibility on theme  
authors' parts, etc. MIT-licensed.

(Must have GD installed, of course, for it to work.)

So, that being said, the question arises: does anyone else see a use case  
for including it in WordPress? Recall we had similar discussions in re:  
inclusion of the various JS libraries and "include 'em all and let the  
plugin/theme devs sort it out!" was the eventual decision. Oh, and the  
wonderful wp_enqueue_script() functionality followed...

Grist for the mill, but I come down on the "tentative 'yes'" side of things.


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