[wp-hackers] Allowing numeric-only titles for posts

Dan Fellars danf at eliresearch.com
Mon Mar 2 21:50:29 GMT 2009

I've confirmed this with a new install with no plugins to make sure
nothing was interfering.  Is there a reason why wordpress won't
recognize a title that is purely numeric in the permalink?  If this is
by design, should it give a warning on saving of the post to notify it
is not a valid slug.  I would actually prefer to allow this
functionality. Maybe it is just a bug but wanted to make sure this is
not by design first.


Example: using permalinks as: /%category%/%postname%/  (note: if I set
to just /%postname%/, then it works - but I want to have the category)


Have a category with slug: test

Have a post with title/name: 12345


It will not recognize this as a valid url:
http://mydomain.com/test/12345/  - Returns a 404


If I change the slug to be A12345, then I can go to:


I am building a medical code lookup site where I actually want a numeric
number to be the title of the post - by adding another character to the
title, I actually make it more confusing to user.  I can do something
like: 'Code-12345', but would prefer to keep it as '12345'


Any reason why I shouldn't be able to accomplish that?  When I changed
the permalink structure to just /%postname%/ it worked, but then I lose
the category.  So, why shouldn't it work when I include the category in





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