[wp-hackers] EXIF geo data

Doug Smith doug at smithsrus.com
Mon Mar 2 17:37:04 GMT 2009

On Mar 1, 2009, at 2:57 PM, Tomislav Bi??an <tbiscan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes it follows the standard.
> I was looking at documentation which Joost references.
> Thanks for replies.
> Peter, I will submit a ticket.

There is an existing trac ticket http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5353 
  to include the GPS information along with the other meta data being  
extracted. There are a couple good reference links in there too. That  
ticket was rejected at the time as plugin territory.

I would argue that it's time to reconsider as GPS in photos has become  
much more mainstream. There are now millions of iPhones, and a growing  
list of other devices, out there now embedding GPS meta data into  
photos. This functionality would be a perfect companion to the  
WordPress iPhone app and have many other uses as well.

Now as to what we do with the data after it's extracted and stored, I  
agree that is still best handled by themes and plugins.

Doug Smith <doug at smithsrus.com>

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