[wp-hackers] Making money from GPL plugin development (Was: Advertising on plugin pages)

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Mon Mar 2 15:14:32 GMT 2009

> ad`s in plugins is not a great idea...
> John Myrstad

Not to overlook Joost's superior (to mine at least) marketing abilities, 
but it doesn't seem to me neither that a plugin admin page is a fine ad 
placement. Typically you load these pages once or a few times and then 
never see them. Who wants to buy an ad for this?

Or maybe I didn't get the scope of the question and it was to add an ad in 
every page of the admin area (like, in the top grey bar)? 

About paypal donations: the best implementation I've seen to date is in 
the XML Google sitemap plugin by Arne Brachold (definitely not sure about 
how it's spelt, sorry:) that displays a list of recent donators. On top of 
this if he would actually thank donators and maybe update the list, that 
would be perfect </grin>


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