[wp-hackers] Advertising on plugin pages

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Mon Mar 2 04:06:07 GMT 2009

"Heiko Rabe" <heiko.rabe at code-styling.de> wrote:
> All what have been written to this ads subject 
> is highly security critical.

We clearly disagree but you win, I don't care enough to belabor it nor to impose the discussion on others any longer.

"Alan Castonguay" <alan at verselogic.net> wrote:
> To me, it's when the client doesn't sanity-check 
> the data retrieved from the 3rd party server, and 
> (un)intentionally executes/includes/injects it 
> somewhere unpleasant. Using content from 3rd 
> parties is not bad, trusting that content without 
> verification is.

Agreed. You stated it better than I did.

"Lynne Pope" <lynne.pope at gmail.com>
> Perhaps even two buttons? 1. "Liking WordPress - donate" 
> and "Support the development of this plugin - donate".

Now you're talking... :)

-Mike Schinkel

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