[wp-hackers] the_content hack?

AndreSC andre at pixelplexus.co.za
Sun Mar 1 21:22:46 GMT 2009

Hi Bryan

I've built something for my own purposes that called aDirectoryManager 
that does something similar to what you describe. Basically a customised 
data capturing form, and ability for admin to difine variables to be 
populated with e.g. RTE, drop downs, checkboxes etc. depending on type 
of date, and design a export 'post-template' vor each 'directory' using 
a normal WordPress post and the default editor and placing placeholders 
like %description% in the body of the post which get replaced with the 
entered data (started on this thing before shortcodes) though a 'export' 
process. So you capture discrete structured data but you end up with 
that as well as 'baked' posts. Some of the reasons I did it this way 
included things like some data types automatically bcome tags as well as 
apearing in the body of the posts, automatically assign category based 
on the directory, force specific parameters for resizing and placing 
images in final posts etc. Basically to be able to build extensive 
directories using WordPress and users/datacaturers with limited or no 
blogging or computer literacy and understanding for the subtleties of 
formatting, lay-out etc. with just a few simple recipy style instructions.

This approach has both pros and cons, the plugin is still rather rough 
around the edges, and development is very slow and sporadic, but it is 
working well for me on a couple of sites.

I don't know how soon I'll get round to polishing it but you're more 
than welcome to give it a spin if you like, let me know.

Kind Regard

André SC

Bryan Harley wrote:
> So you know how whatever you enter in the post body is rendered by the
> template tag "the_content", right?
> How can I create multiple post bodies each with their own custom
> template tag?  Is there a plugin for this?
> I know I could probably do this with custom fields, but I want
> something "beefier" than custom fields... with a bigger textarea that
> has a RTE.  Thoughts?
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