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Wed Jul 15 02:15:36 UTC 2009

on Godaddy, and locally hosted, on my laptop, the thing I would still find
most useful to this day is a list of prerequisites I should master before
tackling any particular tasks.  The ultimate task would be to call myself
aWordPress Developer so that the master list of prerequisites leads to,
well, mastery.

I would suggest that this master list of prerequisites assume only that the
user knows how to use a computer.  I'm not asking for tutorials on
everything from HTML to complete mastery, there is plenty of that stuff out
there already.  I'm just asking for a complete list of prerequisites.  I
would ask that you compile this list with the following audience in mind:

A 14-year-old high school freshman who has had his/her hands on computers
practically since birth.  This high school freshman is comfortable with a
keyboard and mouse, is familiar with many software applications and learns
them intuitively, navigating the internet is second nature but programming
is not,(yet.)  This freshman has just discovered WordPress and decides she
wants to be a WordPress Developer when she grows up.  He/she wants to
someday be able to not only build entire websites from the ground up but to
also be able to contribute to the core development of WordPress and maybe
even other open source projects.

What are the skills this potential future WordPress developer can begin to
develop?  (I=92m not a 14-year-old high school student, I just believe that
targeting the list of prerequisites towards a computer
savvy 14-year-old budding future WordPress developer is more likely to
inspiring a complete list of prerequisite skills than asking you to target
the list to people who are already skilled developers.)


WORDPRESS.COM - What is it and what are the skills that can be learned


What skills and level of mastery is necessary for what tasks?



WHAT IS SELF HOSTING - the knowledge and skills one needs to master to self



Here it would be nice to know what skills does one need to acquire BEFORE
running to the WP community to ask a question such as "how do I get my post=
to sort alphabetically by category?" or, "how do I change the colors in my
theme?" etc.

What are the concepts necessary to understand prior to customizing a theme?

What are the skills necessary to master before I attempt to build plugins?

What level of understanding should I have about what concepts before I
attempt to submit bug report?

A skill set that might be a prerequisite of participating in the community
is OPEN SOURCE ETIQUETTE.  There should be a course.

Give back to the community

Be respectful

Do some research before participating in discussions or asking questions.

Be sure you have achieved mastery of the prerequisites for the related
topics or tasks before asking questions or trying to participate. (This
assumes that prerequisites are clearly spelled out somewhere.)

(This is not meant to be a complete list, just a place to start.)

All I'm asking is for a list of skills necessary to move up to the next
level, whatever that next level happens to be, customizing themes, building
plugins, contributing patches, etc.

Here I=92d just like to add that I am a big fan of the entire WP community.
Thank you all so much!  There is already a great deal of information out
there.  For a developer portal I don=92t see any reason to repeat all the
information that=92s already out there, just tell me what skills I need to
master and maybe point me in the right direction.  Anything above and beyon=
that is just awesomeness on the part of the community.

Nice to meet you all,



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