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Wed Jul 15 02:15:36 UTC 2009

I learned mostly by looking at the code for other high-profile plugins and
core. But it'd be great to have a portal that combines all of the following:

   - Up-to-date walkthroughs/tutorials all in one place (Codex has links to
   various blog posts -- many are outdated)
   - Sample code (scattered around on the Codex)
   - Coding conventions (On the Codex)
   - Downloadable plugin skeletons
   - A complete/updated list of action/filter hooks with docs and links to
   source in trac (
   - PHPXref (
   - A search engine like
   - A place where I can ask questions after I've spent 5 hours on a problem
   and still can't figure out, only to realize that I forgot a semi-colon
   proceeding to *facepalm* (wp-hackers)

Mohammad Jangda | @mjangda
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