[wp-hackers] Request for review and comments to #9510

Franklin Tse peaceable_whale at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 30 10:05:27 UTC 2009

Hello testers,

I would like to ask for review and comments to my patch (9510-v4.patch) for #9510 (http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/9510). The patch is expected to fix many issues in feeds.

Features of the patch:
1. Different feed query now have different title, subtitle, link and comment link (fix the original issue of #9510 and #4253)
2. Tags and Categories are now identifiable in feeds (fixes #8828)
3. Authors can now display their email addresses in feed by a plugin (fixes #9831)
4. The title of Atom feed is now "text" (fixes #9992)
5. The comment feed returned by wfw:commentRss is now fixed to be RSS 2 (fixes #10016)
6. Feed content will not be disappeared unexpectedly in RSS 2 feed (fixes #10509)
7. Comment information in feeds can now be modified/removed by plugin (fixes #9134)
8. The Atom ID will not change even if the permalink setting is changed
9. Atom feed also supports sy:updatePeriod and sy:updateFrequency now
10. The type of Atom entry content is now linked to get_bloginfo("html_type")
11. Most of the XML elements in the feeds can be modified by plugins via filters
12. The readability of the XML code is improved

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Franklin Tse

CC: hackers, for dev-feedback 

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