[wp-hackers] PHP 5.3 stress tests with WordPress - expecting a lot of emitted warnings

Hans Krentel hanskrentel at yahoo.de
Tue Jul 21 09:17:45 UTC 2009

Thanks for all the infos.

> Can we assume, that the latest version of WordPress 2.8.2
> is still PHP 5.3 compatible at all ?
I doubt that it can or can not be assumed. It would need to run tests to properly say wether or not it is functioning properly with 5.3.

> If not, should this lead to a warning publication
> (especially adressed to theme/plugin authors) ?

I think first of all we need a valid and binding statement wether or not WordPress core should be compatible with PHP 5.3 or not. The project maintainers need to make that statement.

I like the Idea to have that statement in bold because PHP 5.3 release is some days older now. It was in the beginning of the month if I remember correctly.



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