[wp-hackers] HTTP Request API edge case

Heiko Rabe heiko.rabe at code-styling.de
Sun Jul 19 19:13:03 UTC 2009

I think, that excluding PUT would not a good idea, because the cloud 
computing from Microsoft's Azure Platform 
http://www.microsoft.com/azure/default.mspx needs as example for azure 
blobs a PUT.
Most of this services can be used RESTful and HTTP/HTTPS based, so this 
may also be a future option to integrate useful services into WP out of 
the clouds.


> No, there aren't any methods that currently exist that are mixed case or lower case. All existing methods are uppercase. That is not to say that there couldn't be or won't be in the future. It is also to say that most of the time, we should be doing POST, GET, or HEAD. All of the others such as PUT, have no guarantee to be supported on the server we are requesting, and most likely would be blocked from doing a PUT request.
> Furthermore, if someone is using a non-standard method, they either know what they are doing, or should not be doing it. Alas, such things should probably be in a header than a method as the server probably won't know what to do with it otherwise. There is a reason DAV requires an extension, is that it is an extension to the HTTP 1.1 standard and not part of it.
> So in conclusion, if someone is doing something other than POST, GET, HEAD, or one of the HTTP 1.1, then they are doing it wrong and therefore we can safely uppercase the method.

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