[wp-hackers] readme.txt: "Requires PHP 5 tag"

Lutz Schröer latz at elektroelch.de
Tue Jul 14 17:31:26 UTC 2009

I've decided to use exclusively PHP5 in my new plugin version since it 
was much easier to code it using the PHP5 features. Unfortunately many 
users seem to have no access to webspace with PHP5 (five years after 
PHP5 was released!).

I have prevented people from updating through the backend 
programmatically but those who are downloading the plugin from 
wordpress.org and installing it manually often do not read the 
readme.txt and wonder about a "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 

How about adding a "Requires PHP version x.xx" tag to the readme.txt 
that will be displayed on the extend pages? And maybe the backend could 
evaluate this tag, too, and disable the update if the installed version 
does not fit.

... and even if this topic has been discussed a thousand times: Let's 
drop the PHP4 support!


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