[wp-hackers] Showing custom page types

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Fri Jan 30 02:40:25 GMT 2009

> I think this is the "right" way to do what you are trying to 
> do in WP. There is no better way that I am aware of (and I 
> can think of some worse ways). The template_redirect action 
> was added to WP for this exact purpose.

One better way that could easily be added would be one additional IF statement in template-loader.php.

> <soapbox>As Mike noted earlier in this thread, Drupal does 
> URL redirection to modules better. But there's a reason for 
> that: WP is meant to be a blogging platform, while Drupal is 
> meant to be a custom web application platform. ...

I see that you have your "<soapbox>" on so I won't give you too much grief :-), but please let's not get all ideological here.  I've (mostly) left Drupal because launching a Drupal site was too damn hard.  It requires skills of both a designer and a dev in order to build a functional and attractive site. WordPress does a much better job of making it easier for one or the other to get what they need.  

OTOH, please don't pigeon-hole WordPress as "meant to be a blogging platform" unless Ma.tt comes here and says so himself, and also says that it's his goal to ensure that WordPress will always be a blogging platform.

WordPress is close enough to the 20% of things people need 80% of the time to be a damn good CMS.  Why stand in the way of addressing those few things that it still needs to be a damn good low-end CMS?

Right tool for the right job, but only if it is the right tool for you. For me, WordPress is fast becoming the right tool for most all my website needs.

-Mike Schinkel

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