[wp-hackers] Showing custom page types

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Thu Jan 29 23:33:06 GMT 2009

"Chris Jean" <gaarai at gaarai.com> wrote:
>> Wow... "better known on the list". I'm hanging that on the wall.

Heh. It's all relative. :-)

Definitely agree that the ability to add content on custom URLs is half-baked in WordPress at the moment.

> I like your URL template idea. I see that /companies/{company}/ 
> template as not only setting up the add_rule regex but also 
> registering a query var called 'company'. After seeing this, I'm 
> definitely going to play around with creating my own URL templating 
> system to make doing all the add_rule and add_query_var calls simpler.

I've put a *lot* of thought into URL design (http://blog.welldesignedurls.org; I plan to roll those posts into my personal blog when I have the time). There's a lot to consider/we can discuss on this topic not the least of which is "who do you make it scale" to a large number of URLs?  Drupal handles that part very poorly, for example.

Chat with ya off list.

-Mike Schinkel

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