[wp-hackers] shortcode for images?

Paul paul at codehooligans.com
Thu Jan 29 18:59:00 GMT 2009

On Jan 29, 2009, at 12:47 PM, scribu wrote:

> You could use the Search & Replace plugin instead of querying the  
> database
> directly.
Rather not use a plugin when I can type the replace SQL command myself  

> As for the shortcode, several dissadvantages:
> - extra processing for each shortcode
And there is not already enough processing already for the caption  

> - what happens with images that aren't hosted on the same host?

Well if the image shortcode is used you would have something like

	[image id="attachment_2817"]

The actually URL is URL reference can be stored into the post table as  
the attachment data. That way is you by chance use the same image in 5  
posts you don't have to update the image URL is it ever changes. I'm  
sure WordPress can be made smart enough to tell the difference between  
locally stored image and remote image.

> - both the rich editor and all the export scripts would have to be  
> updated
Oh darn wouldn't want to cause anyone more work. But again the parsing  
is mostly there for the caption processing.

> Advantages? Not so many.
Thanks for your opinion.


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