[wp-hackers] Dynamic walkers?

Bryan Fordham bfordham at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 15:53:46 GMT 2009

So last night I wrote a simple plugin for a friend to modify how WP
displays pages. What I ended up doing was subclassing Walker_Page and
modifying walk().

I wanted him to still be able to use all the options from
wp_list_pages, but to do that I had to duplicate that method, instead
of calling walk_page_tree it called a function just like it, only one
that used my Walker class.

Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, my question is: would it be worthwhile to patch wp_get_pages
to accept a custom Walker class? That would have kept me from
duplicating code, and help avoid all the problems that entails.

I'm not much of a WP hacker, so this may be a bad idea, or totally
unnecessary, but if it's useful I can submit a patch.


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