[wp-hackers] Disabling automatic plugin upgrade for specific plugin?

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Thu Jan 29 00:47:46 GMT 2009

1) I believe you want to change the filename and folder name.

2) Does anyone know what happens if he removed the Version header?   
Would that do it too?

3) A hack-ish alternate is to set a really high version number so it  
will always be higher than whatever's on the server.

4) I'm pretty sure there's also a way you could filter the version  
checking -- maybe just filter 'get_option_update_plugins' to always  
remove your plugin from the array that is returned.


Stephen Rider

On Jan 28, 2009, at 9:08 AM, Glenn Ansley wrote:

> If I've made substantial edits to a plugin for a single client's
> specific use and I don't want them to ever automatically upgrade it in
> the future (or me either for that matter), is that as simple as
> changing the plugin's name or are there SVN hooks/externals or
> something else that I need to disable?

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