[wp-hackers] wp_register_script() vs. wp_enqueue_script()?

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It would indeed be nice to have one comprehensive list of things you
should do when writing a plugin. That coding standards page is more
about the formatting you should use when creating patches to core,
rather than any actual API stuff you should be using for plugins.

This new page could take the format of basically a list of APIs that
people should be using to accomplish various tasks along with links to
api description pages (like Settings API or Widgets API).  Then it
would be a good way for experienced coders to go through and make sure
they're not missing any big sections of how WP makes their lives
easier and forward-compatible at the same time.

I think the problem you'll find is the lack of overview pages for many
of the APIs (i wrote ones for the Settings API and Dashboard Widgets
API in the last few days but there are many more i'm sure that could
be added to great utility, especially the new ones added since 2.5, of
which there are many and which are generally pretty awesome).

Maybe this conversation belongs on wp-docs or whatever, but I think
its up to us coders to write our own coding pages if we want them.
It's a great way to acquaint yourself intimately with an API!

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