[wp-hackers] Making WP more secure the evolutionary way

Matt m at mullenweg.com
Tue Jan 27 07:52:01 GMT 2009

Mike Schinkel wrote:
> I concur. In my past I was always often trying to encapsulate things like SQL to "make things easier." These days I realize there is value to maintaining less abstraction especially when the thing that would otherwise be abstracted is well-known and standard such as SQL or HTML.  When I started programming in ASP in 1995 (after a 7+ years of prior dev experience) I tried to encapsulate HTML into an abstracted object. After much wasted effort I realized that, verbose though it may be, HTML was a great language on its own.

I would strongly agree with this.

This is also protecting us against something that hasn't been a problem 
in a while, I don't want coding WordPress to make me take off my shoes 
when I go through the metal detector.

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