[wp-hackers] Free themes have backlinks and backdoors inserted in code?

mrmist listswphackers at mist.org.uk
Mon Jan 26 09:04:06 GMT 2009

In message <a51040f00901260050j3b4f24fl27f7d6cd0667859a at mail.gmail.com>, 
Mayur somani <somani.mayur at gmail.com> writes
>While researching on some of the, so called, black hat SEO strategies,
>I found many tricks to insert backlinks and backdoors into free
>wordpress themes and then distributing them.
>Now this is unacceptible. So, please list any of the ways you know to
>insert backlinks and backdoors into themes files. I am planning to
>write a plugin that will scan all the theme files to report any
>malicious code there.

I don't really fancy listing all the ways I know to obfuscate links into 
themes, as even though I find the practice shady listing them all would 
provide an easy-listing resource for people wanting to do just that.

Of course if you are serious about writing a plugin to defend against 
such things, I'm sure if you google a bit you will find all sorts of 
references to hidden links and how they get there.


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