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DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Mon Jan 26 05:02:47 GMT 2009

Yes, There is no reason you couldn't hook into
update_option_update_plugins and add a check in there somewhere..

I'm actually working on a setup atm that would act as a update proxy
for that sort of thing.. ie. your plugin includes a small library,
registers the plugin file with a GUID provided by the service, You
then enter the latest version & URL in the site (Or, specify a file
you host to query the details from periodically).. etc. Designing it
so that it'd be easily usable by any author, and including checks so
as to not clobber wp.org's updates..
I'm not too sure of the demand for such a service (Although i know
some would find it useful, and i know a large number of people choose
to not host with .org)
The way i'm designing it.. Your plugin/theme would have to
-specifically- say that it wants to retrieve updates from my service,
so someone couldn't register Akismet with me and clobber everyone
else.. Well.. they could try.. but the update would -never- be served

Everythings nearly ready to go.. Just need to optimize the class that
gets included with the plugin..

2009/1/26 Nathan Rice <ncrice at gmail.com>:
> I'm curious ...
> Is it possible for a plugin developer to build in the ability for users of
> the plugin to get updates that are hosted somewhere OTHER THAN
> wordpress.org/extent/plugins ???
> I'm developing a plugin, and to be honest, I don't love the fact that if I
> want to offer automatic updates for it, I have to do so through wp.org.  I'd
> really prefer to NOT willingly hand over absolute control of the updates to
> my plugin to wp.org.
> So has anyone tried this?  Would it be possible? (without modifying the
> core, of course)
> Nathan
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