[wp-hackers] Adding meta data to categories

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sun Jan 25 09:29:23 GMT 2009

On 25 Jan 2009, at 04:46, Mike Schinkel wrote:

> Peter:
>    Isn't wp_term_taxomony potentially the base for meta, meta?

Not really.

Meta Meta would be more like the post_meta and user meta tables.

Just something like:

CREATE TABLE $wpdb->metameta (
   metameta_id bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment,
   object_id bigint(20) NOT NULL default 0
   metatype varchar(255) default NULL,
   meta_key varchar(255) default NULL,
   meta_value longtext,

But the devils in the detail!

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