[wp-hackers] Gravatar + Feed integration for avatars on Planets

Ryan McCue ryanmccue at cubegames.net
Thu Jan 22 08:24:17 GMT 2009

Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> +1 - FWP is badass and the dev has recently started working on it
> again. It's WP software as relevant and needed as PodPress. Please
> lets all use it for our aggregation needs so that if necessary we can
> all keep it going forever :)

IMHO, Planet isn't really outdated: the feed specifications don't change
often at all and even if they do, most implementations don't change at
all. RSS itself isn't going to have any more (official) updates at all,
as the specification has been frozen.

And while we're pimping aggregators, I develop one called Lilina. Feel
free to check it out:
[/end-self-promo] ;)

Ryan McCue

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