[wp-hackers] wp_register_script() vs. wp_enqueue_script()?

Chris Jean gaarai at gaarai.com
Wed Jan 21 17:47:18 GMT 2009

Technically, you never have to register anything if you don't want to. 
The register functions are there and can be valuable if you want a 
central location that defines scripts and styles that will be used in 
your plugin/theme. You can then simply use the enqueue functions while 
referring to just the handle in order to enqueue the script or style for 
inclusion in the head.

So, the main purpose of the register functions is to allow you to 
simplify your code by removing the need to duplicate code if you enqueue 
the same script or style in more than one section of code. The benefits 
of this are many and probably don't need to be listed here.

Chris Jean

Mike Schinkel wrote:
> Hi all:
> When, if ever, should I call wp_register_script() vs. just calling wp_enqueue_script()?  The same question applies to the *_style() versions as well.
> Is wp_register_script() just something to call in core WP to create shortcuts for standard scripts/styles?
> Thanks in advance.
> -Mike Schinkel
> http://mikeschinkel.com/
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