[wp-hackers] A strange problem with wpmu-1.3.3

technocraze technocraze at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 09:40:29 GMT 2009

> WPMU 1.3.3 is horribly outdated. Nobody's going to pay much attention to
> you unless you get your oven mitts on at least the 2.6.x branch (or
> trunk, as it's looking pretty good at the moment).
> Interesting that IE trips over on the mime-type. Usually, I find that IE
> just ignores the mime-type and displays stuff how it pleases anyway.
> (IE displaying HTML when I'm sending text/plain, I'm looking at you.)
The problem was because of two new line space at the end of 
wpmu-settings.php (after closing php tag) and this created output before 
headers could be sent in blogs.php file.

We have heavily customised on 1,3,3 before .. and hence continuing with 
this..  we are maintaining an internal corporate blog of more than 
10,000 blogs..  we have to work out plans for migrating to latest code.. 
probably as you said 2.6.x branch..


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