[wp-hackers] Seeking some advice

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Tue Jan 20 21:24:31 GMT 2009

Ozh wrote:
> I'm about to migrate a site from an old dusty homemade perl solution to WP.
> This site has:
> - news & comments (ok, that's blogging)
> - polls (ok, Democracy or Polldady or whatever)
> - forums (ok, PunBB bridge already exists or won't be hard to code)
> - "columns": (selected) users have a column of their own where they
> can write about anything they'd like, and people can comment. Kind of
> like a sideblog for registered users.

This "columns" feature sounds to me like more blogging, with 
registered users allowed to create blog posts. You would probably want 
to then restrict the main blog listing to particular authors, and use 
author archives to list each registered user's "columns".

However, why exactly do you want to use WP? I would probably build 
this site in Drupal if I needed all those features, rather than 
hacking together WP with a forum and poll and all that. Right tool for 
the right job...


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