[wp-hackers] www top no-www redirection?

dave jaggy jayarjo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 08:16:04 GMT 2009

Client has asked me to arrange redirection of all no-www pages to www
prefixed ones. I told him that no-www way is much more easier and
straightforward, but he just want www. But that's not an actual
problem. I've tried to rewrite headers with 301 moved permanently, but
something wierd popped out. I do a redirection to www.*.com and then
SOMETHING (don't know what or where) does redirection back to no-www
version of page name. But that's half trouble again - IT does 302
temporary redirect... huh?

I'm not sure what does that or where. It could be something in apache
conf, something in .htaccess or even in wordpress. I just want to make
sure that that's not something that WP core does by itself.


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