[wp-hackers] How do I add inline doc changes?

Charles K. Clarkson cclarkson at htcomp.net
Fri Jan 16 15:11:02 GMT 2009


    I am updating and creating Function Reference Pages for the Codex. I 
am using/writing a parser to aid in future updates. I need to coordinate 
some of the inline documentation with the Codex. Mostly the Description 
and @usage docs.
     The general idea is to update the inline docs and then generate the 
updated portions of the Codex Function Reference pages as new WordPress 
versions come out.
     Hopefully, this will avoid a lot of duplication in writing the 
Codex and allow a single source for some information in those pages. One 
of the major observations I have read is that the Codex people do not 
effectively communicate with the inline docs people. I guess I am a 
crossing that bridge.

     Here's what I did so far:
     I just downloaded an Subversion client, checked out the WordPress 
repository and read through the WordPress Trac instructions. I am still 
confused. Do I commit my changes through Subversion and then create a 
Trac Ticket or do I create a Trac ticket and wait for something to happen?

     I'd appreciate some help. The SVN is a new experience for me. :)


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