[wp-hackers] Plugin Upgrade Failing when using Subversion

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 22:16:15 GMT 2009

On 15 Jan 2009, at 20:13, Mike Schinkel wrote:

> "DD32" <wordpress at dd32.id.au> wrote:
>>  * Yes, Leaving the svn details for later svn up'ing is nice.. but..
> Those who use svn are not those who'll be using the upgrader in the
> first place..
> Totally disagree. I'm using both SVN and the upgrader during  
> project development. I don't want to ship a client app with an old  
> version and at times certain plugins seem to be updated weekly, or  
> more often. I can't see many people launching a professionally  
> developed large WordPress project (i.e. for a Fortune 500 company)  
> without using Subversion or similar to back up the files, and  
> constantly upgrading plugins during development is too tedious to  
> have to do manually.

If I was doing this for a large WordPress project I would have my own  
svn repo with externals for WordPress and the plugins pinned on  
specific revisions so as to be able to test in the dev environment  
before pushing to production and I wouldn't go near the built in  

The built in upgrader is designed for people who don't use svn (esp  
those who don't know how to - or that it even exists).

> How do I go about doing that?  Do I need to be given a login, or  
> just create one?  And where do I go for that?

As said elsewhere in the thread issues/patchs etc are welcome at  
trac.wordpress.org where you login with your forums username.

The devs hang out on irc in #wordpress-dev on freenode.

Contributions are always welcome.

In fact we positively encourage them.


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