[wp-hackers] Plugin Upgrade Failing when using Subversion

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Thu Jan 15 07:44:33 GMT 2009

Err.. Sorry.. My mail client must've done something stupid. (That 2nd
message is proof of it.. non-mailing list replies are fine..)

Anyway, Long day so:
 * Theres been requests for a filter of what to delete from the plugins folder
 * Plugin folder name may change upon plugin upgrade (It changes to
the plugin slug, There are a number of plugins which still instruct
users to upload it to a differntly-named folder
 * IMO, If there are files/folders in your plugins directory which are
not writable by the credentials given, You're really out of luck..
I've only noticed the problem with Locked files/folders on windows,
Usually related to SVN, SVN'ised installs on linux seem fine
 * Yes, Leaving the svn details for later svn up'ing is nice.. but..
Those who use svn are not those who'll be using the upgrader in the
first place..

 * Yes, I agree this is very narrow sighted of myself here, But the
upgrader really doesn't operate well with not deleting certain files,
I've really been planning on rewriting the upgrade/install for
plugins/themes, i've got a trac ticket on it, I just really dont have
the time right now, Unlike most devs, I dont get payed for any
wordpress-related work, So what i do, and the decisions i make with
regards to what i generally contribute, are generally what my
narrow-sight see's as the 'best' solution. I have nothing against
others contributing code like yours tho, make a trac ticket for it
(Posting code to wp-hackers is really useless), Maybe someone will
massage it into something which can be included in core :)

2009/1/15 DD32 <wordpress at dd32.id.au>:

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