[wp-hackers] Add a button to TinyMCE to add p.class

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Mon Jan 12 06:37:35 GMT 2009

Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> Omg would I also love someone to make this something I can add to WP
> easily. Even just having a template for a  "tinymce plugin" (i.e. the
> mce plugin rather than the wp plugin that would be used to inject the
> mce plugin)...

The template is in the TinyMCE manual. Have a look at 

Also have a look at the API, specifically the DOMUtils class:

And of course download the full TinyMCE and have a look at the included 
plugins. There are a few examples of adding a button that would do 
simple addClass to the parent P tag.

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