[wp-hackers] overriding pluggable.php functions

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Sat Jan 10 06:31:13 GMT 2009

Ooh, Now -that- would be better..

I'm building something on top of WordPress atm, and due to the nature
of it, I've had to override from pluggable functions to get the
functionality i wanted.. However, theres a huge But to that, By
overriding the functionality, I've removed the ability for users to
override the authentication methods themselves.. So right now, its
either my app, or authenticate against a 3rd party.. (App = Its not a
plugin, its not atheme, its a entire app with WP as a backend)

If it was changed to use filters like that, Then it'd be possible for
both my app and for 3rd-party authentication to work at the same
time.. (Assuming the 3rd party auth. used the filters too).. I hadnt
yet sat down and thought about a workaround, but filters definately
fit the bill :)

2009/1/10 Will Norris <will at willnorris.com>:
> On Jan 9, 2009, at 7:12 PM, Dougal Campbell wrote:
> I actually chatted with Peter Westwood in #wordpress-dev today and he
> suggested using filters instead... there is certainly an elegance to this.
>  pluggable.php was designed to *replace* functionality, not *add* it.  There
> is already a great mechanism in wordpress to add functionality... filters
> and actions.  So imagine something along the lines of...

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