[wp-hackers] Adding meta data to categories

Dan Gayle dangayle at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 02:40:08 GMT 2009

That's a good idea. We already have a shortcode plugin that uses the  
following php function:

$content_array = array_map('trim',explode('|',$content));

Basically, it breaks $content into array items when delineated by  
pipes ( | ).

The only problem would be trying to remember the order in which the  
array items need to be entered, but it would still be fairly human  

> If you're careful (and have smart users) you can even set up a
> human-readable syntax so you can just go in and type the info in the
> category description field directly. Actually, if you just formatted
> it in the wp_parse_args() style (and have appropriate metadata that
> would work with that format) then you could do it pretty quickly.

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