[wp-hackers] Thomas Hawk

Aaron Brazell emmensetech at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 00:26:43 GMT 2009

I'm working with Thomas Hawk to move his blog from Blogger to WordPress. As
most of the posts have come in and the Blogger importer reports that most of
the comments have come in, I'm wondering why only a few of the comments are
associated with actual posts while the wp-admin reports that every comment
I've looked at is associated with an actual post.

I also notice that the Blogger importer caps out at 5000 comments.

So in an effort to save time, has anyone done anything with the Blogger Atom
format Export and developed a related WP importer? Second, does anyone know
about the 5000 comment ceiling (or appearance thereof).

Aaron Brazell
web:: www.technosailor.com
phone:: 410-608-6620
skype:: technosailor
twitter:: @technosailor

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