[wp-hackers] How find the latest uploaded pictures

Mikael Hedengren mikael at cylinderlabs.se
Sat Jan 3 11:42:57 GMT 2009

Thanks DD32, I will try this.

I  have never used get_posts before; is there a way to get the pictures in
descending date order and also get a certain interval of posts if there are
a lot of them?

>Heres some code i used in my previous theme:
>You can strip out the group-by filter if your not after a single-image
>per post..
>& you'll need to modify it to suit your needs obviously :)

>>2009/1/3 Mikael Hedengren <mikael at cylinderlabs.se>:
>> Hi,
>> Does anybody know the best way to find the latest uploaded pictures with
>> their corresponding URL?
>> I would like to present them like the media gallery with a picture and
>> a picture is selected its URL will be collected.
>> I am not interested in any specific post connected to the picture but
>> the picture and its URL.
>> Can anybody point me in the right direction?
>> Thanks!

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