[wp-hackers] Help with the API on WordPress.org?

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Fri Jan 2 06:41:05 GMT 2009

I'm not going to have time to reply to all of that.. But, Yes, RESTful
api's do make sense sometimes, and yes, It would be very powerful.

as for caching, My understanding is that on .org they use very little
caching at all, bbPress handles the high loads (or not so high..)
fine.. caching would impact users access speeds though potentially
(But that seems pretty damn quick too)

Whilst i wrote the original API, there's been changes made to it by
Automattic/WP guys, and at the time, the API in its current form does
everything it was originally intended to, I'm sure if it was designed
to be used for such applications you outlined, then it probably
would've happened, I guess it'll be up to WordPress/Automattic if they
feel like implementing such a new API or not, It could be very usable
by people like yourself, on the other hand, It'd provide very little
benefit to myself, or very little benefit over the current
I'm not trying to be defending of my own code, It was mearly the way i
chose to do it at the time, I'd have done it exactly the way you
outlined if it was the way i operated (in my sense, over engineering
the problem) - anyway, Thanks for the read, it was good :)

2009/1/2 Mike Schinkel <mikeschinkel at gmail.com>:
>> I highly doubt it :) They dont like just running any
>> code.. Needs to be written to take advantage of bbPress
>> correctly, something which i didnt do really well..
> Hmm.  Why does this need to be integrated with BBPress?  How is this a forum
> app?

Because wordpress.org/extend/*/ runs on bbPress installations, All the
data is stored within the bbPress database, So it makes sense to
utilise bbPress's API.

> So one thing just occurred to me.  It would be very possible for me to just
> write the RESTful API I referred to on my own server using a cache of the
> information where the cache is replenished using the Plugin API on
> WordPress.org.

No reason why you couldnt do that at all IMO

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