[wp-hackers] Help with the API on WordPress.org?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 05:59:36 GMT 2009

> What i found was that Volume wasnt the issue, It was
> relitivly closely related searches within a certain
> timeframe,

Hearing your experience is greatly appreciated even moreso because it helps
me feel more confident about scraping Google for this My plugin only issues
one HTTP request of Google before the user has to take another action so I
wouldn't have the problem with too many requests in too short a timeframe;
it will be about the same as if the user were using Google directly.

> Similar search queries coming from a single host can
> also trip the block.. I've been blocked numerous times
> when searching for things when i'm changing the search
> terms slightly and flicking through a few pages..

You had this problem when you were using Google as an end-user, or when
programming via PHP?  I could see the latter, but would be surprised by the

Still, even if there is a problem I architected it to be a separate Search
Results class whose interface I could duplicate in another class that called
Yahoo or some other index results. My primary problem now getting what I
need from the WordPress API, not issues with screen scrapping Google.

> Ah.. JSON.. And those 4 or 8 pages include duplicates..
> things like /plugin/ and /plugin/installation/ that was
> the showstopper for me with JSON

I definitely agree that their API makes the problem with
'/plugin/installation/' an issue. OTOH, with the search results I've been
getting I see it only rarely.  I need to be sure I filter them out.  With
Google's result set of 100 results I can certainly get 75 or so good results
and that is more than enough for my use-case.

> I highly doubt it :) They dont like just running any
> code.. Needs to be written to take advantage of bbPress
> correctly, something which i didnt do really well..

Hmm.  Why does this need to be integrated with BBPress?  How is this a forum

Not pushing though, I understand the reason they'd not want to run someone
else's code.

> Need to accomplish something today!
Always a good thing!  Even if it is only just the new year!  :-)

-Mike Schinkel

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