[wp-hackers] page + 2 loops of posts?

Jen Simmons jensimmons at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 17:28:03 GMT 2009

Hey all,
I want to create a home page on a site with a main bit of text  
(something the client can edit as a page) with 2 loops of posts after  
it (in 2 columns).

I know how to create the loops... but I don't know how to write a php  
call in home.php to pull the content from a specific page-id. (In the  
past I just put a introduction like this in the html, and re-hack it  
to change it, but I'd like the client to be able to edit the content  
without going into home.php.

I could just make one post in a fake category... and then put three  
loops of posts on the home page. But I'd rather have the intro set up  
as a page.

Is there a <php> phrase I can use to pull the content from a page?  
What is it??


Jen Simmons
Milkweed Media Design

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