[wp-hackers] WPMU + MediaWiki

Bret McMillan bretm at redhat.com
Thu Feb 26 20:41:48 GMT 2009

Alex Hempton-Smith wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've done lots of searching for this around the net and only find requests
> for such an integration, and some very outdated methods which meant hacking
> the core so here goes...
> I'd like to have WordPress MU, BuddPress, bbPress and MediaWiki all
> integrated with single sign-on. WPMU, BP and bbPress are obviously working
> great together, but I don't know how to get MediaWiki integrated.
> I basically need to map the users and passwords from the WPMU install to the
> MediaWiki one, so that MediaWiki checks to see if the main WPMU cookie
> exists. Also, I need all users to be regular registered users, except WPMU
> Site Admins which should be mapped as admins on the MediaWiki install.
> Does anybody have experience in this area?

Contact me off-list, I might be able to help.


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