[wp-hackers] Duplicate key=value pairs in wp_postmeta

aesqe aesqe at skyphe.org
Thu Feb 26 15:27:40 GMT 2009

i think this is the right behavior - how else would a plugin like 
flutter have grouped custom fields?

i don't know how many of you are familiar with flutter, but here's an 

let's say you have a group called reviews, and that group can be duplicated.

let's say that it has three fields:

* reviewer_name
* reviewer_magazine
* review_text

and if two journalists from the same magazine write a review about that 
particular post (which is actually a book, or a movie, etc)

then too, you'd have the same situation:

*meta_id*  *post_id*  *meta_key *		*meta_value*
   001          001     reviewer_magazine	    bar
   002          001     reviewer_magazine	    bar

and flutter has its own table in which it stores relations between 
custom fields and groups, so this works jus fine.

On 26.2.2009 16:15, scribu wrote:
> I'm not talking about multiple values for the same key on the same post, i'm
> talking about something like this:
> *meta_id*  *post_id*  *meta_key * *meta_value*
>   001          001         foo             bar
>   002          001         foo             bar
> On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 4:27 PM, Will Anderson<wp-hackers at itsananderson.com
>> wrote:
>> When you store multiple key/value pairs for a post, that key is turned into
>> an array.
>> I think it's pretty obvious from the function signature (with the $single
>> argument) that this is intentional.

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