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Sun Feb 22 22:04:43 GMT 2009

In message <49A1C09C.8080109 at santosj.name>, Jacob Santos 
<wordpress at santosj.name> writes
>WTF? I don't know, I don't care. If it means code should be beautiful, 
>based on the above guidelines, then say so. However, even that is still 
>without definition. I'm asking for some concrete not something abstract 
>like poetry.

Your posts are great man.  I am always entertained.

Lots of big corporations have "mission statements" and things these 
days, I think it's pretty "cool" to have one.  But generally what's 
happened to create them is that some big bosses have gotten together in 
a smoke-filled room [1], chatted about nonsense and then created some 
terms that they think sound really great.

The problem is though that these get sent out to the staff in a mail, 
and they don't mean anything.  It'll be something dynamic sounding like 
"Always think pro-active".  It's meant to inspire everyone but all it 
does is make people think "huh?".

That's kind of what you have here with the poetry stuff.  Probably 
sounds great and is a nice buzzline, but means absolutely nothing except 
maybe to he who said it.  Even then it'd lose something in the 
translation.  And it's not even from a large company.

[1] Probably not smoke filled these days as it'd be illegal.


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