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Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sun Feb 22 21:32:32 GMT 2009

I should clarify, if Matt Mullenweg uses the argument, "I don't like 
that because it isn't poetry." then the argument is fallacy, because it 
lacks facts, explanation, or definition for which others can understand 
the meaning. It takes away from the argument without explaining anything 
and moving it away with something that makes no sense.

If he came out and said, "That isn't going to happen, because I said 
so." Then that is okay, because he is the project leader, and well, you 
know, at the end of the day, what the project leader says is the law. 
That said, the project leader shouldn't try to use politics. Matt hasn't 
done this, because well, he hasn't really replied to any topic in a 
long, long time and even then it wasn't this. I apologize, if you didn't 
recognize a hypothetical situation benefiting an example. When you take 
things out of context, things can appear, however you want to make them.

I remember having a class that was half business and half technical for 
CIT program in college. The problem for me was that they called 
something that I knew something completely different, so it confused me. 
Here I am going along thinking, this word or phrase means this and then 
for some reason known only to marketing, they change it, which threw me 
off. Perhaps I was being irrational and I apologize.

Jacob Santos

Michael E. Hancock wrote:
>> I don't think it takes away from the overall message that "Code is 
>> Poetry" is worthless, because it doesn't mean anything except to Matt 
>> Mullenweg and if he uses it, then it will be another argument from 
>> fallacy
>> I forgot to mention that I hate marketers (as well as telemarketers, 
>> but for different reasons). The issue that once something logical 
>> goes to marketing, they make it illogical in most cases.
> Probably two good examples of why devs tire of this list.  Personal 
> attacks and unrelated noise has got to wear...
> MichaelH
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