[wp-hackers] Deleting WordPress Tags

Thomas Belknap dragonfly at dragonflyeye.net
Sun Feb 22 14:38:32 GMT 2009

I am in the process of writing a simple little plugin that finds and allows
you to delete orphaned tags.  I figured I'd just use a WP function that
deletes tags gracefully, but I was surprised to find that as far as I can
tell, no such function exists.

Am I wrong about this?  It seems like the kind of thing that WP aught to
have, since it's not just a question of deleting the tags, but also the
association between the deleted tag and the posts it's been assigned to.

Assuming there is no such function, is it necessary to delete the
associations as well?  Are there other considerations beyond simply deleting
the term from the terms table in the dB?


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