[wp-hackers] Auto Update Plugins

Kim Parsell kparsell-wp at kpdesign.net
Fri Feb 20 15:00:05 GMT 2009

+100. I'm also sad to see them leave this list.

I subscribed to this list, in part, to learn more about WordPress than 
what is available via the Codex. There are a lot of great people on this 
list who contribute a wealth of knowledge for free that help folks like 
me without even knowing it.

I'm not a major contributor here. In fact, I've very rarely participated 
in a discussion, but I appreciate having the opportunity to learn from 
some of best and brightest in the WordPress community.

My only hope is that this list can get back (somehow) to being what it 
was when I joined.

Just my 3 cents worth...



Ozh wrote:
> I've been thinking about unsubscribing a number of times over the last
> couple of weeks, but I'm particularly sad that 2 of the most brilliant
> and needed contributors here are eventually doing it.
> <15 mn hesitation goes here>
> After all no I'm not going to point my finger at anyone that would
> just start *yet another* wasteful and pointless thread.
> This really sucks.

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