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Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Fri Feb 20 03:44:32 GMT 2009

I need to restate that a good part of the problem with .svn folders is a *bug*, not a personal preference.

The plugin upgrader SHOULD NEVER FAIL after deleting the existing plugin and leaving the directory in a state that the plugin installer will not install any version of the plugin.  This is a BUG. 

-Mike Schinkel

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For me, fixing the issue with having source control folders (.svn,  
etc) get trashed during plugin upgrade is a nice to have but not a  
priority, since I usally just do a quick remote delete and re-add the  
new plugin. Annoying but livable.

I also agree with some others that if a plugin is accepting file  
uploads it should use the same mechanisms as the media library and  
store it in wp-content/uploads (or where ever the user sets this too).  
This has the added ability of being registered in the Media Library  
(if done correctly, though docs on this are scant) and being able to  
be used outside the plugin.

Of course the other option is not use the auto-update and do it  
manually avoiding both issues all together, but it wouldn't be wp- 
hackers if we thought in terms of what we can do now, and what we want  
to beg core devs to do for us. :)

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