[wp-hackers] Thumbnails for Locally Hosted Videos?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Tue Feb 17 05:14:15 GMT 2009

Hi all: 

I'm building a plugin for video management for locally hosted videos and am running into a bit of a quandry. I need thumbnails for each video and am wondering if any best practices have been identified for associating thumbnails with videos. I assume there is no easy way to extract a thumbnail from an arbitrary video file so I'm going to assume that it will require a thumbnail to be created by the person uploading the video. 

The real question is how best to provide an admin UI for this and how best to associate on in the database? Has anyone (attempted to) tackle this problem before? Or maybe there's something obvious I'm missing? 

Thanks in advance. 

-Mike Schinkel 

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