[wp-hackers] Plugin Ajax Edit Comments not working for anonymous

Mário Gamito gamito at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 12:39:31 GMT 2009


You know the "Ajax  Edit Comments" plugin ?
The one that allow people to edit their comments after a certain period
of time ?

This one:

It works in my blogue, but only for me and if I'm logged in at the
backend as administrator.

For the anonymous users, it don't. It just simple don't show up.

I think that it might be because I have moderation on the comments.
That's my best guess, since the plugin's site don't say much about it
(not to tell anything at all).
Also, in blogs that require registration for comments or don't have
moderation, it works well for anonymous users.

Does anyone around here has some info on how to work this around ?
Or is it jus not doable ?

PS. I have "Allow Anyone to Edit Their Own Comments?" option set to
"Yes", of course.

Any help would be appreciated.

Warm regards,
:wq! Mário Gamito
Key Fingerprint: 0x5CEFF763

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